The First Day

Well, today was my first day of school — in more ways than one.

As you may have heard, I just got cast in the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom” sequel “Love Never Dies” Yesterday we got on a plane to New York, New York, disembarking on a journey, one which we are excited to be on.

We (mom, dad and I) arrived at LaGuardia airport yesterday around nine. We took a cab to the city, where we found our hotel in Times Square. We dropped of our bags at the concierge and headed up to our room where we figured out logistics and then got something to eat. Then it was time for bed.

I woke up today and was excited to see what was next. We got breakfast and headed for rehearsal.

The walk to the rehearsal studios wasn’t that far. We got to the theatre and took some pics and then we went inside (See below).

After the four hour rehearsal, we headed to another building where school was held. We had three hours of school and then we were back off to our hotel.

It was truly a wonderful day.

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