This week we took Motor City by storm as we launched the American Premiere Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Love Never Dies". Wow! I can not express how spectacular it feels to say that I played a role in the American Premiere this beautiful show!

This week has been incredible.

On Monday, we arrived at our Holiday Inn Express in Downtown Detroit, having no idea what Tuesday had in store for us.

We woke up on tuesday and went to the theater. We got up to our dressing room and headed down to the company meeting. I got down to the theater and stopped dead in my tracks. A few feet ahead of me was the musical genius, Lord, and creator of our show, Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was awestruck. I could barely contain my excitement. He came to the front of the house and gave a little speech about how excited he was to start this show with us. I couldn't focus. I was to starstruck to even think. AHH!

Then, we started. I had the opportunity to do the dress rehearsal for him. I was super nervous and a bit shaky. I mean, wouldn't you be? It was crazy! We had a short dinner break and then we were back at it. Our first preview performance in Detroit. The curtain was about to go up when Andrew came backstage and was about to give a surprise speech to the audience. Before he went out, he asked the simple question "Do you think they'll know who I am?" They sure did. He walked out onto that stage and everyone got on their feet. It was an awesome experience.

The show went on as usual and we had a party at a nearby restaurant afterwords. I got a picture with Andrew Lloyd Webber. I couldn't believe it.

The next day we had rehearsal for some changes. It was super awesome to watch the crew work on them.

Then Andrew left back for London.

The week continued as usual with previews and rehearsals until the next Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we had our opening performance. I was given the opportunity to watch it, as Jake was on as Gustave.

It was spectacular. I loved every minute.

Afterwords there was a party at a historic mansion in town called "The Whitney"

We had an awesome time and I took some pictures. (See Below.)

It was an awesome week.

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