Two Strands of Melody

Today was a great day for Love Never Dies.

Today was our sitzprobe. A sitzprobe is a german word directly translated to "seated rehearsal" It is where the actors and singers hear the orchestra for the first time together. May I just say, It was spectacular.

The orchestra is one of the best parts of every show. This one, especially. It was THRILLING to hear the orchestra for the first time. The cast and orchestra together are like AN EXPLOSION OF AWESOMENESS. It was truly incredible.

Andrew Lloyd Webber never fails to make me cry with his music (in a good way). I love it so much and just to hear it right in front of me is pretty cool.

And I also want to give credit to our spectacular music team. They really make ALW's music soar right off the pages of the score.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this!

I took some pictures of the cast. You can see them below.

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