"And true to form, Lloyd Webber — ever the talent scout — has made another brilliant discovery, this time in Casey Lyons as the boy, whose angelic vocals and subdued acting are a marvel." - Deborah Wilker, Hollywood Reporter

“And Gustave. Oh, Casey Lyons, you were stunning. This child, also a Chicago native, was phenomenal. His scene with The Phantom as the two discover the boy’s innate talent is gripping and jaw-dropping. I’m getting chills, again, just thinking of it” - The Local Tourist

"...although young Lyons has the most beautiful voice and nuanced vocal delivery, which he uses to great effect in a lovely Act 2 number called "Space."" - Chris Jones

"What the P of the O doesn’t know is that his muse now has a kiddo, Gustave (Casey Lyons, who is just fantastic)." - Chris Jones

...and the talented Casey Lyons, who brings genuine life to Michael Banks. -NewCity Stage

“And dare we forget the pure sounds coming from the enchanted voice of Casey Lyons who plays Gustave, Christine’s son. His command and pitch were impressive for someone of his age” - ChicagoNow

"...young Harold Baxter, played by the super-polished eleven-year old Casey Lyons. He nailed with fabulous vocal chops his haunting song “Space.” That singing performance  is the finest child-sung number I can ever remember!" - Chicago Critic

"Here he dazzles with his lovely, clear, boy soprano, blending his voice with other castmates in ‘Mother, Please, I’m Scared,’ ‘The Beauty Underneath’ and ‘Streets of Coney Island.’ This little boy has a big career ahead of him in this pivotal role" - Chicago Theater Review